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The most important step in the recruiting process is getting your name out to college coaches

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Are you a student-athlete dreaming of playing your sport at the collegiate level? If so, questionnaires are an absolute necessity in the college recruiting process. These questionnaires provide college coaches with vital information about your athletic abilities, academic achievements, and personal background. By filling them out, you showcase your commitment, seriousness, and the potential to be a valuable addition to their team, enhancing your chances of being recruited and living your dream of playing college sports. OnaSportz offers student-athletes with hundreds of school questionnaires from across the country. You can find all of our questionnaires quick and easy when using our service instead of trying to find it manually (which can take a while)

School Info

Why School Info is important for Student-Athletes Some colleges offer merit-based scholarships or financial aid packages, which are often tied to GPAs or academic achievements. By considering your GPA in relation to a college's scholarship offerings, you may identify potential ways to mitigate the financial burden of attending college. Colleges with lower acceptance rates tend to be more prestigious and have established academic rigors. If you are seeking a challenging academic environment or aspire to attend a top-tier institution, looking at colleges with lower acceptance rates can be crucial. Conversely, if you prefer a less competitive and more inclusive environment, colleges with higher acceptance rates might be more suitable. It is important to note that GPA and acceptance rates should not be the sole factors in choosing a college. Your personal preferences, desired major, campus culture, available resources, location, cost, and other factors should also be weighed to ensure you make a well-rounded and informed decision. Those will be added shortly

Social Media Recruiting Campaign

Recruiting Campaign

The recruiting campaign aims to provide aspiring college athletes with increased exposure through the assistance of OnaSportz. By utilizing this platform, athletes can have their profiles promoted and their videos and posts shared to a wider audience. This campaign ultimately aims to enhance the chances of these athletes being noticed by college recruiters and potentially receiving offers to play college sports. With the help of OnaSportz, these athletes can greatly increase their visibility and opportunities within the recruiting process.

Player Profiles

Player Profiles

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Online Courses


OnaSportz offers online courses for student-athletes (Adds more every week)

How to Find The Right Football Camps (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

Offensive Football Formations 101

In football, the offense is responsible for moving the ball down the field to score points. Offensive formations are the way that coaches arrange the offensive players on the field to gain the advantage against the defense. Throughout this course, we will discuss the different types of offensive formations and when they are typically used. We will also explore the benefits and drawbacks of each formation, as well as some commonly used plays associated with each of them. Let's get started!

The Football Recruiting Process

Football recruiting is the process of finding, evaluating, and signing high school or college players to play for a college or professional football team. Football recruiting is a crucial process in the sport of football where colleges and professional teams find, evaluate, and sign talented high school and college players to play for their team. The objective of football recruiting is to build a strong roster of players who can compete and help the team succeed on the field. The process includes scouting, evaluating players, building relationships, making offers, and considering academics. College football recruiting is important because it helps to improve the quality of a program, build a strong roster, recruit the right fit for the team, compete with other programs, and develop relationships. Professional football recruiting focuses on finding talented players to add to the team and strengthen its competitiveness in the league. In this course, you will learn the basics of what coaches are looking for in college football recruiting.



At OnaSportz, we firmly acknowledge the pivotal role played by the initial impression when it comes to college coaches, as it can significantly impact the outcome between securing a scholarship or being overlooked by said coaches. That is why we want to make our athletes stand out when a coach will google their name or school. Once the coach sees you as a fit for their program, they might run a little "background check" on your name. They will be looking at your social media to make sure there isn't anything on it that will jeperdize the look of their program. That being said, what better way for coaches to get an impression on an athlete then articles written by athletes on said season. We let athletes make unlimited amount of articles on which they can explain their season or how their training regime is. The more articles a athlete writes, the more they will be seen on google by college coaches.

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A list of services we are working on to help improve student-athlete recruiting:

Coach Profiles Trainer Profiles School Profiles Coaches Profiles By Position Coaches Profiles By State Online Courses (Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball) The Alternatives (The other ways to play sports besides college) Player Rankings/ Consideration Podcast Emailing coaches through OnaSportz More.

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