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Smart Click Botton: Robo Clicker Smart Bluetooth is designed for transforming your house's traditional switches and buttons into smart ones with a simple click with the bot button pusher; the built-in Tuya chip enables smart operations in the Smart Life App for intelligent controls no matter where you are; Battery powered, eliminating the trouble of charging.

Bluetooth: Extremely simple pairing mode into Tuya Smart Life App with your phone Bluetooth on for this Bluetooth version, no hub is required for accessing multiple intelligent functions and features in App.Up and down movement is optional with 0-100 adjustable to meet your own demand on concrete devices; even featured as sustain time set for added convenience.

Voice Control: Smartly control your traditional appliances via voice command by Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri, activate the vacuum with voice(Use with a Bluetooth gateway), and remotely power on your office PC or house traditional appliances with a switch or button design with no effort.

Robo Clicker is compatible with various buttons and switches: It can simply stick to any surface and retrofit your old appliance. If you have installed it in the opposite direction, no more worry about this, there in App the invert switch option is available to adjust its position anywhere you are, ensuring your life with time-saving and energy-saving for real-time battery level monitoring. You can use the Robo Clicker for your lights, fans, coffee makers, garage door, and more. With the add-on, a rocker switch could be flipped at both directions, push or pull for ON/OFF by only one Robo Clicker.

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