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How Does A High School Football Player Get Recruited?

Updated: Jan 31

Here is a look at what you need to accomplish as a high school football player to be recruited to play college.

With its TV appearances, massive stadiums, and fervent supporters, football is one of the most well-known and dominant sports on the college scene. You plan to be apart of this culture and dedicate your high school football career. Every college football player started off playing high school and working their way up. But underneath all the glitz and glamour of college football comes the gritty toil needed to achieve success. Football recruitment is a requirement for high school athletes who wish to play at the collegiate level.

February is around the corner, which means it is time for the National Letter of Intent signed by seniors. This decides where they will play for the next four years. During that time, college teams will start to make decisions on recruits they want to bring in for the upcoming classes and unsigned seniors.

During the offseason, you must continue to contact coaches, send them your film, and try to go to as many camps. College coaches can accurately evaluate a player's athletic abilities as well as their character, attitude, and work ethic by attending football camps. Indeed, summer camps have grown to be so crucial that many scholarship organizations won't award a candidate they haven't met in person. High school football players can learn and hone the abilities necessary to compete at the next level by attending football camps. Football camps can give you exposure to college coaches and possibly result in an offer of a scholarship, depending on where you are in the recruiting process.

One of the best ways student-athletes even will get noticed by colleges is to stay up on your grades. If you can not get accepted into the school then there will be no point of the college even talking to you.

High-achieving student-athletes have a studious attitude and the capacity for quick learning, which are significant qualities for a team and coaches.

When going to College Football Camps: Your First Impressions

Remember this while you're at a college football camp: If your camp is successful, another coach will find out. Word of mouth is the key to recruiting. Because they know you are self-assured and capable of leading your group at camp, coaches and scouts want to find you. You'll likely set yourself out from others in your position. Never leave any reps on the table. B e the first in line and try and to obtain as many reps as you can. After the camp, be sure to use social media and post your best camp moments.

Get Started in the recruiting process today

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