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Colin Gregorio Player Spotlight

Colin Gregorio
Colin Gregorio

The newest player at Minnesota Duluth, a talented young man with a bright future in football. He played high school football for Liberty in Henderson, Nevada, where he quickly made his mark as a skilled Defensive Back, WR, and QB. This fantastic player is 5'10" tall and weighs 180lbs, making him agile and quick on the field.

During his time at Liberty High School, he earned a reputation as a hardworking team player with excellent athletic skills and a can-do attitude. He spent four years under the tutelage of head coach Richard Muraco, who helped him hone his natural talents and turn them into high-level football skills.

This phenomenal player was awarded the very prestigious 2022 Patriot Pride award, an accolade that speaks to his dedication, perseverance, and excellence. His contributions to the team both on and off the field did not go unnoticed and were honored accordingly.

In addition to his football career, this versatile player was also a member of the Patriot track and field team, competing in the 100m and 200m events. His athletic prowess and work ethic were on full display in training and competition, making him an asset to any team he's on.

We are beyond excited to see the great things that this young player will achieve as a part of our team at Minnesota Duluth. He brings an abundance of talent, drive, and a winning attitude to the field, and we know that his contributions will be invaluable. Here's to an incredible season and countless victories!

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