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Shadow Ridge High School Football Season Review 2023


Nov 15, 2023

Let's take a look at the 2023 Shadow Ridge Football Year

Shadow Ridge Mustangs in Las Vegas, Nevada finished 6-5 on the year. They played the #1 team in the country Bishop Gorman, and the #2 team in Nevada Liberty twice (Once in playoffs, once in the regular season) Shadow Ridge is ranked as the 3rd best team in Nevada, the 3rd best team in Las Vegas. The team was led by QB Coen Coloma

Coen Coloma Stats:

Passing Yards:

Passing Touchdowns:



Rushing Yards:

Rushing Touchdowns:



Shadow Ridge has built their reputation on a relentless rushing attack, focusing on overpowering their opponents on the ground. With a team filled with exceptional running backs and a sturdy offensive line, they have proven time and time again that their true strength lies in their ability to run the ball effectively.

Evan Cannon:

Coen Coloma:

Rushing Yards: 1355

Rushing Yards: 938

Rushing Touchdowns: 6

Rushing Touchdowns: 20

The Shadow Ridge Mustangs were led on Defense by Keau Hadley in tackles and Aaron Coverdell in sacks with 9.

Aaron Coverdell

Keau Hadley

Tackles: 48

Tackles: 88

Sacks: 9

Tackles For Loss (TFL): 6

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