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Arbor View Aggies Football Season Review 2023


Nov 16, 2023

Let's take a look at the 2023 Arbor View Aggies Football Year. Arbor View Nevada Football

The Arbor View Aggies in Las Vegas, Nevada finished 4-6 on the year. They are the 4th team in Nevada. The Aggies had an altercation with one of the teams they played that season resulting in them forfeiting 2 games. The team was led by QB Thaddeus Thatcher. He is a freshman in the class of 2027. He threw for 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

{QB} stats:

Passing Yards:

Passing Touchdowns:



Rushing Yards:

Rushing Touchdowns:



Arbor View has really young running game also. Their freshman running back Kamareion Bell had 85 carries for 705 yards (8.5 YPC) and three touchdowns. As a team, The Aggies averaged over 6.8 yards per carry rushing and 10 touchdowns.

Kamareion Bell

Makhai Donaldson

Rushing Yards: 705

Rushing Yards: 424

Rushing Touchdowns: 3

Rushing Touchdowns: 2

The Aggies' pass attack is really one-sided as they only have 3 players with over 100 receiving yards. Maybe having a young QB isn't always the best choice for receivers. Nevertheless, With the Aggies having multiple QBs it is not the most ideal. Arbor View has 3 receivers with over 10 receptions and as a team has 13 receiving touchdowns.

Jayden Williams:

Kai Cypher:

Receiving Yards: 747

Receiving Yards: 409

Receiving Touchdowns: 8

Receiving Touchdowns: 3

The Aggies' defense is led by Christian Thatcher in tackles with 95. There is a three-way tie between tackle for losses (TFLs) at 7. Jackson Miller-carpenter leads the Aggies with 3 sacks as well.

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