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Robo Clicker

Product Name: Robo Clicker

Dimensions: 34.5*34.5*34.5mm

Weight: 38g
Battery: CR2 3.0V

Working Temperature: -10℃—45℃

Torque: 2.0

Maximum arm movement: 12mm

Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth Low Power 4.2



APP remote control: The Robo Clicker at home can be controlled by mobile phone with Bluetooth gateway outside.

Voice control: The Robo Clicker can be controlled from a voice device at home.

Timing start: You can set the time in the APP to start the Robo Clicker at a regular time.

Various striking heads: The Robo Clicker accessories contain five striking heads, namely, rocker arm, ring arm, short straight arm, medium straight arm and long straight arm, which can be applied to most scenes of life.

Long battery life: The Robo Clicker uses CR2 battery, which has long battery life.

Easy installation: Stick 3M glue on the bottom surface of the Robo Clicker and paste it in the required position. Open the mobile phone APP for configuration and use.

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